Sunday, March 21, 2010

Mike's Return and Meeting Old Friends

Mike has been in the Middle East for the past 2 weeks but returned on Thursday. I've already mentioned, Dayton had changed so much in the time Mike had been gone. I was so excited to see Father and Son reunite. Last time Mike was gone, Dayton took about 10 minutes to warm up and realize this was his Dad. This time, he immediately began smiling and squealing. I love the pictures of him admiringly looking up at his Dad. The fun has only continued with newly discovered shoulder rides and climbing stairs-escapades. It is so wonderful to be together as a family again.

The other pictures are from a get together with Lanpin, Stamatina and JC. Lanpin and Stamatina were literally my first friends when I moved to Houston in 1998. While we may not see one another often, they are like family. Dayton had a GREAT time with this part of our Houston-family. I was particularly taken aback by his immediate bond he had with JC. As soon as JC walked in the door and picked up Dayton for the first time, Dayton laid his head down on JC's shoulder as if it was someone he has known for years. We were sad to leave but it was well past Dayton's nap time....he fell asleep 3 minutes into the car ride home.

Dayton has a new smile that he saves for things that are very exciting. See the third picture down in the set below. He continues to LOVE going in his bjorn carrier. When I put it on in preparation to take the dogs for a walk, he crawls to me with just as much excitment as the dogs and stands up between my legs looking up with anticipation.

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  1. Dayton's gotten so BIG! I love reading your blog. Great to know everyone is doing so well. Miss ya.